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I’m not dead, I’m just slowly becoming even more nerdy…

So I haven’t died (surprise!), instead I seem to have enrolled on yet another online course.  Which is already making me laugh my ass off.  The course is on Data Science and the first assignment is to analyse the sentiment of Twitter messages.  Or in plain English, have a look at a shitload of tweets and try and work out what kind of mood the person was in when they wrote it.  Luckily the course gives you some nice things to use like dictionaries of emotive words and stuff, so a lot of it is just boiled down to programming.

Which is where my lols come in.  So far I’ve managed to follow the assignment and get some sample data from Twitter (by leaving a pre made python script provided by the course running on a virtual machine), and then sort through the data.  At the moment I’ve got as far as writing a script that looks at each line of the sample data file and decides whether or not the line is even a tweet (there’s a lot of garbage in the file that ISN’T tweets, so if I left it in then the rest of the program would error and go “nope, fuck that shit”) and whether or not the tweet is in English (because the assignment is going to be graded by the course admin running their own pre cutdown sample data with the garbage and any tweets that aren’t English removed, because non-English tweets and dictionaries of emotive English words do not play nice.).  So when my program does find an English language tweet it prints out just the contents of the tweet and not a shit tonne of metadata like who posted it, when, what language, blah blah blah (yep, all of that metadata is ALSO in my sample data.)

So what set me off on a laughing fit?  My sample data is an odd mix of stuff that is actually quite important:

"Thousands are without power in Washington County, but it’s mostly Beaverton area, no Tigard or Tualatin…

"Oriya Organics, LLC Voluntarily Recalls Oriya Organics Superfood Protein Medly Containing…

And stuff that isn’t even remotely important (in the grand scheme of things):

"im a fucking zombie"

"why did I wake up so fucking early"

And the eternal mystery of…

"Who put 20p in the grunion machine"

And before anyone asks, no this does not mean I work for the NSA, CIA or one of the other alphabet agencies, this shit was coming from Tumblr’s public stream and anyone could have seen these tweets by sitting around watching their monitor.  Right, think I’ll leave the assignment for today.  Can work on sentiment scores tomorrow.

why #notallmen is a fucking joke and not a serious argument (a rant)

Would it be because ‘notallmen’ man spends most of his time othering everyone who doesn’t have the good fortune to be born middle class, white, hetreosexual cis man?

For example, a woman raises an issue in parliament, gets told to ‘calm down dear’ and then told the man in question was only joking.

Need another one? How about when a powerful woman PM is making a good point on sexism and misogyny in the Australian parliament the opposition are more interested in shouting at her to shut up and staring at their watches than listening to what she has to say.

Still don’t think it’s #notallmen?  When the press are more interested in a woman’s appearance than what she has to say and make some pretty nasty personal attacks (and in the same article reduce all appearances on a topical discussion show to “a small, light-hearted competition every year on my [Rod Liddle’s] blog for people to vote for the most stupid woman to have appeared on Question Time in the past 12 months.”.  (And while I’m thinking of it, I’d like to award Joey Barton the ‘idiotic white man on Question Time award’ for the stunning display of sexism he managed to show by referring to the four big political parties in Britain as “four really ugly girls” in front of two female MPs.)

[Edit: and because I naturally think of an example right after smacking the publish button, how about the time when a Justice minister said “not all rapes are rapes”?]

And it only goes downhill from here.  When was the last time you saw a man getting told by A. N. Other that because he’d just expressed an opinion that someone was going to ‘fix’ him by raping them?  I’m guessing never.  I’m not gonna link to the numerous occasions on Twitter where some fuckwit has done exactly that.  Suffice it to say that this (an article in a newspaper about a woman who received death and rape threats for arguing that a woman should be on a British banknote instead of the usual parade of middle class white men) is just one example of a lot of misogyny being displayed on Twitter.  Shall we have #notalltwitterusers trending then to drown out that fact or would #notallmen like to rest their fingers and give their ears and eyes a workout by using them to listen and read to what someone else has to say?

And before anyone else says it, yes I am a white heterosexual cis man who is fed up of reading about men behaving badly.  So how about men STOP behaving badly?  Instead of screaming “NOTALLMEN are rapists!!!” how about fucking proving it with some actions instead of empty words?  Too much to ask?

#NotAllMen: How Not to Derail Discussions of Women’s Issues



A more graceful way of expressing my opinion about these issues. 

This guy actually got it.

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